Tomiko Matsubara - Mama, Club Hama

Tomiko Matsubara - Mama, Club Hama

Japanese hostess (social) club welcoming visitors with warm kindness for 54 years.

place Area: Hikone access_time Published: 2021.03.15

Club Hama is a member-only hostess club celebrating their 54th year in August, 2021. It is a special place that many locals hope to visit someday. The calm and elegant space with genuine traditional décor offers a welcoming environment to escape from your busy life and relax. Status is a point of pride here.

Most of the customers are business owners. With our long history, 3rd and 4th generation owners are now visiting. “This is the ideal profession for a woman,” says Matsubara-san or “Tomiko Mama” who used to be a geisha under the name “Hamayu.” She added that she gets to hear all sorts of stories about all different businesses. As the customers serve powerful roles in society, she takes pride in supporting their success by providing an outlet for them to leave their cares behind, relax, and have good time. She thinks it is very important to welcome guests with elegance, and to be an attentive listener with body and spirit.

“Customers choose the store, and the store also chooses its customers.” This also keeps her continually seeking to improve. When she hears of anything new or popular, she hops in the car to investigate. The bar occasionally features performances such as live bands, famous singers, gospel, Japanese taiko drumming, and disco nights. She has a desire to entertain customers and make Fukuromachi a more energetic place. “I even have a dream to pave all of Fukuromachi with cobblestone streets, only if I win the lottery, though.”


place 2-2-15, Kawara, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture