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Artisanal Industry

Traditional industries dating back hundreds of years are still maintained in Ōmi today, including sake brewing, textile manufacture and dyeing, and manufacturing. Many of these places welcome visitors and offer opportunities to try your hand at these ancient crafts.


You’re never far from nature in Ōmi. The region has Japan’s largest lake, as well as major mountains such as Mt. Ibuki. The ecosystem of rice paddies criss-crossed by waterways hosts a wealth of wildlife. The natural world of Ōmi offers a wealth of options for outdoor enjoyment.


Whether you’re looking for tasty snacks or souvenirs of Ōmi to take home, there’s something to please everyone.

Festivals / Events

The Ōmi region has some unique traditional festivals filled with brilliant decorations / fire, exuberance of the townspeople and respect for deities and ancestors. Come and experience the festivals which reflects various aspects of the society, spirituality and community values in Ōmi.


Getting around Ōmi is easy using the extensive public transport network.