Odani Castle Sengoku Historical Museum

Odani Castle Sengoku Historical Museum

Be sure to visit the museum before exploring the old castle site

place Area: Nagahama access_time Published: 2020.12.03

Name in Japanese: 小谷城戦国歴史資料館
Pronunciation: odani jō sengoku rekishi shiryōkan

This small museum stands at the foot of Mt. Odani, site of the Warring States period Odani Castle, and home of the Azai clan.

Some crudely armoured mannequins dotted about outside bely the authenticity of what’s inside the museum. The exhibits include artefacts excavated from the castle site such as weapons and Buddhist ornaments; maps, illustrations, and models recreating the castle as it once was; and a fine collection of hanging scrolls depicting the protagonists of the tragedy that played out over three generations of the Azai.

Since the museum is located right under the castle site, it’s convenient to visit it before making the ascent.

Exploring the Odani Castle site, combined with visits to the Azai Folklore Museum, the Odani Castle Sengoku Historical Museum, and the Kunitomo Gun Museum makes a rewarding day out.


place 139, Odani-gujōchō, Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture