Shingai Beach

Shingai Beach

A lovely beach on the eastern shore of Lake Biwa

place Area: Hikone access_time Published: 2020.09.13

Name in Japanese: 新海浜
Pronunciation: shingaihama

Shingaihama is a lovely beach located between Hikone and Omihachiman on the eastern side of Lake Biwa. Here, the shore forms a nearly straight line until it begins to curve westwards from Maibara. Wind from the Japan Sea to the northwest blows over the mountains on the other side of the lake, scooping sand from the lake floor and depositing it on the Hikone side. Consequently, from Shingaihama, the sandy beach extends out about 100 m to waist height, making it an ideal place to enjoy water sports like windsurfing and SUP.

Since the water is so shallow and this part of Lake Biwa is calm, the water is lukewarm in the warmer months, so it’s a very comfortable temperature for leisure activities. Children play happily in the shallows with little supervision. Some trees at the edge of the beach provide shade, and families set up tents and tarps here. There are also toilets, a drinking fountain, and a tap which is useful for washing sand off feet.

Near the mouth of the Echi River is the Haneri Windsurfing Store where you can rent windsurf and SUP equipment. The owner, who speaks a bit of English, will give you basic instruction in both sports. There are a couple of convenience stores nearby where you can obtain provisions for a day at this ideal lakeside beach.


place Shingaichō, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture