Hiroshi Isozaki - Master, Eat Pub Matenro

Hiroshi Isozaki - Master, Eat Pub Matenro

Snack bar with a warm, homey atmosphere and a master with many interests.

place Area: Hikone access_time Published: 2021.03.15

Eat Pub Matenro was opened in 1981. Its name comes from a Chinese restaurant where Isozaki-san or “Master Isozaki” had worked as a chef. Over 40 years, the place has attracted many regular customers, and some who even bring their intergenerational families. His goal is for the customers to have a good time while enjoy himself, too. “I’m here because of many great customers, so I want to keep running the place as long as I can.” He works hard to create a comfortable environment for the customers.

The space is clean and well-lit, and the bar is also equipped with an up-to-date karaoke system. “I want to be a ‘friend’ or ‘big brother’ to my customers,” said Isozaki-san. You’re sure to enjoy conversation with him on various topics, and some of his particular interests include skiing, golf, fishing and more!

He has also made local community contribution his life’s work, engaging in activities such as advocating for guide dogs, and animal control efforts for local wildlife. “I hope more young people will be inspired to help improve Fukuromachi. Then maybe I’ll start a small Japanese restaurant instead.” Lastly, he said with a laugh, “Anyways, at least stop by for starters; otherwise, nothing will start!”


place 2-6-22, Kawara, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture