Mayumi Koike - Mama, Snack Sakuranbo

Mayumi Koike - Mama, Snack Sakuranbo

A welcoming bar, even for newcomers

place Area: Hikone access_time Published: 2021.03.15

Look for the retro neon sign outside to find Snack Sakuranbo. As soon as you open the door, you’ll be greeted by the friendly smile of Koike-san or “Mayumi Mama” Having moved to Shiga from Nagano when she married at 19, her work life made a few turns, eventually leading her to work in the bar business. In 2006, she then opened her own bar, and in 2014, it was moved to the current location. This year marks the bar’s 15th year anniversary celebration.

Her top priority is welcoming each customer with pure hospitality. She pays particular attention to first-time customers to ensure they have a good time. A sign behind the counter reads “a place where you can put your mind at ease,” which encapsulates her warm hospitality as she hopes to provide a welcoming space where anyone can drop in and have a good time.

Her generous and cheerful personality has made Snack Sakuranbo a popular local hang-out for regulars who love talking to her, as well as for anyone who simply stops in while visiting the area. People come for a nice comfortable evening, mingling with locals, businesspeople, and travelers alike. The great thing about this bar is that you can have a good time even on your own, singing karaoke, asking her for personal advice, and more.


place 2-8-5, Kawara, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture