Ōmi Al Fresco Dining

Ōmi Al Fresco Dining

place Area: access_time Published: 2020.03.19

With this program, you can enjoy the special produce of Ōmi, prepared to perfection and served outdoors in a comfortable setting.

Ōmi Special Produce

Located in a basin formed by high mountains and the countless rivers that feed into Lake Biwa, Ōmi is blessed with a rich natural environment. The warm summers and cold winters of the region combine to make it ideal for raising robust, healthy, and above all, tasty produce. Ōmi Beef is perhaps our best-known livestock product, but the fish and wildfowl of Lake Biwa are also celebrated for their unsurpassed quality. Our vegetables too are known for their rich, sweet flavour and toothsome texture.

Ōmi is also home to some of the most prestigious sake breweries in Japan – the sake delivered to the Imperial household is brewed here. Remarkably, there are also seven craft beer brewers in Shiga. These drinks are the perfect complement to the locally produced food.

Gifted Chefs

In Ōmi, we have many gifted chefs who are constantly working (and playing!) to devise culinary offerings that make the most of the region’s foodstuffs. We have several ‘food trucks’—fully equipped kitchens on wheels, so that our local chefs can travel to where they’re needed and prepare delicious food on the spot.

Al Fresco Dining

To enjoy the great food and great outdoors of Ōmi, we’ve devised a plan to send our chefs in their food trucks to various locations in the region where special produce is raised to prepare it to perfection for you, right there.

We’ll provide the necessary seating and comforts for the season, and our travelling chefs will provide the food and beverages. All you need to bring is an empty stomach and the curiosity to try something special to eat and drink, outdoors, in Ōmi. You’ll see how the food is produced, then enjoy it served fresh there and then.


This program is ideal for groups and special events.

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