The Blessings of Water

The Blessings of Water

place Area: Toyosato access_time Published: 2020.11.27


As the home of Lake Biwa, Ōmi is renowned for its water, which brings many blessings, especially wonderful fish, waterfowl, and sake.


Freshwater fish and sake

Since ancient times, Ōmi has been known for products that only exist thanks to the abundant pure water of the region. Lake Biwa and the rivers that feed it are home to various kinds of freshwater fish and waterfowl, which contribute to the richness of the local cuisine. Good water is also essential for making nihonshu, Japan’s traditional beverage, and there are many fine sake breweries in Ōmi. Experiencing the blessings of water is a great way to explore the region and meet the people who call Ōmi home.

A day of gastronomic delight

The day starts with a tour of a working sake brewery that once delivered its sake to the lords of the Hikone Domain. You then visit a fish farm that produces freshwater fish with careful attention to hygiene and sustainability. The afternoon is spent in a delightful sake bar, tasting a variety of regional sake paired with fish, including funazushi fermented fish and rice, the precursor to all of today’s sushi. You end the day at a lakeside ryokan to enjoy a multi-course feast including duck hotpot, served with selected local sake.

Year-round. Ideal for groups.

Time required
1 day. A 1-night stay is recommended.